MoveCRM is a great foundation for modelling business processes – from complex to simple.

The MoveCRM team is designed for success. Agile and process driven, all we do is CRM, all we do is MoveCRM and everything we do is focussed on customer success. We undertake projects that range from the large and complex for multi-national organisations through to small-scale modifications. We are ISO 9001 accredited and have a reputation for delivering fixed-price contracts on-time, on-budget and to-specification.

If you need customisation work on your instance of MoveCRM then please contact us for a quotation. The revenue we get from customisation projects enables us to continue developing the open source code that goes into MoveCRM.

Our Software Engineering Process


Before we can develop a line of code, we need to understand what it is you are trying to achieve. We have a defined process for gathering and documenting your business requirements. Requirements can be gathered on-site or remotely.


We provide detailed specifications in non-technical business english so that you can understand them without an interpreter. The specifications lay out in plain English exactly what we are going to do for you and when we are going to do it.


So that you know there is no cost risk engaging us to do your projects, we give you a fixed price proposal for delivering precisely specified projects. The proposal also tells you how long we’re going to take and when we’re going to deliver.


To make sure that there are no surprises, we put you at the centre of the development process. Each project has milestones where we will give you a walk through and demonstrations of the work in progress.


To ensure that what we create does what it’s supposed to do, we develop and then we test rigorously before we demonstrate anything to you. It’s a virtuous circle designed to ensure what you get is what you expect.