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MoveCRM is an award-winning open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. MoveCRM is functionally equivalent to the major product suites like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, MoveCRM  is enterprise-ready and is displacing traditional vendors in large accounts. MoveCRM is available to download, modify and distribute. It is and always will be a completely open source product.



MoveCRM’s workflow module is an efficient, powerful, and flexible tool that delivers advanced capability to streamline and automate repetitive tasks freeing users to focus on selling and servicing customers. MoveCRM users can model business processes and design flexible automated actions that are triggered to run at anytime.


Model your sales pipeline quickly and easily. Free your sales people to do the high value selling you pay them to do, not the low value administration they hate. Produce beautifully templated Quotations, control your pricing strategies, make sure your Contract renewals are always serviced and make sure that every lead is followed up quickly and professionally. Easy to use with powerful impact.



Customer self-service is no longer a dream. It’s a snap. Manage all your customer issues through an easy to setup and use website. With secure login controlled from MoveCRM, your service teams will be instantly notified of customers issues and your customers will know as soon as their issues have been dealt with. Free your customer service team to do the hard yards of solving customer problems, not the hard slog of interpreting and recording the problem.