Provide great customer support across every channel

Get everything you need to answer the call, with automatic case creation

Cases include all of the information you need to resolve a an issue effortlessly. This includes relevant conversations, contact info, any related documents or other cases, and the case clock. If you need more help, you can add a comment @mentioning a team member, or to answer the call, just use a templated response or write your own reply.


Engage customers wherever they are, with multi-channel support

In the blink of an eye, MoveCRM organizes your cases so you can focus on solving them.

To do that, MoveCRM automatically creates a case whenever a customer reaches out through any channel, including phone, email, chat, portal and Twitter. These are pulled into a single case inbox and then automatically assigned to agents for immediate attention.

Let your customers help themselves, with a self service portal and knowledge base

Save your support team time by giving your customers access to a private customer portal. From there, they can review their case histories, submit new ones, share files, or view your knowledge base built from past cases you’ve resolved.